The Repeating FRB Signal Could Be Extraterrestrial, According to a Harvard Expert

Blasts of extreme energy coming from deep space could be a complex alien world trying to reach us. Recently, a team of Canadian researchers identified a signal that’s repeating once every 16 days, originating from across the Universe. Those waves were cataloged as FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts), and scientists still can’t figure out what these signals are.

The Repeating FRB Signal Could Be Extraterrestrial

FRBs, however, can deliver a lot of energy in a moment as the Sun requires almost 10,000 years. Also, they are challenging to examine as they can persist only a millisecond. The worst part, scientists can’t forecast when FRBs are approaching. Probably the most accurate explanation is that the signals originate from steady gamma-ray blasts from stars.

Currently, the work of one astrophysicist might provide some insights about FRBs. He believed that those signals came from an advanced world across the Universe. Avi Loeb, from the Harvard University, believes in all possibilities so far, even an artificial origin. The extraterrestrial civilization, however, is his leading theory.

To collect more information and to develop more advanced studies, it would need an energy and technology way beyond humanity’s aptitudes and skills. Also, it would require a massive engineering mission, far more complicated than scientists currently have now.

Theories on an Extraterrestrial Life Contact

Back in 2018, Stephen Hawking indicated it might be too dangerous to contact the extraterrestrial life. The example provided in his finals study displayed the moment when Europeans met native Americans and almost killed them all to conquer the New World.

“Meeting a more advanced civilization, at our present stage, might be a bit like the original inhabitants of America meeting Columbus – and I don’t think they thought they were better off for it,” reads an excerpt from Prof. Hawking’s final book.

As a follow-up, Olle Haggstrom, from Chalmers University, stated: “But an extraterrestrial civilization of very advanced technology might be a threat – and they may want to get rid of us before we become a threat to them.”

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