The Creatures That Are Incredibly Adapting their Underwater Vision

Life, in general, has the wonderful and mysterious capability of adapting itself to the environment in various ways. This phenomenon had been occurring since the dawn of time, triggering the…

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This Device Uses Sunlight and Water to Produce Hydrogen

Over time scientists tried their best to find efficient methods of producing hydrogen from water. They also wanted to enable hydrogen’s potential as a clean fuel. With a little bit…

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water on earth

Water on Earth Appeared Right After The Formation of The Planet

A study published in the journal Natural Geoscience has analyzed the existence of water on Earth. Researchers are stating that since the water is present in such proportions on the…

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sea animals

Sea Animals Can Kill Viruses In The Water

Jenifer Welsh is a marine ecologist from the Royal Dutch Research Institute. She has recently discovered that sea animals can remove bacteria viruses from the water. Her study is a…

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NASA’s VIPER Moon Project Set to Find Lunar Water by 2023

The space agency confirmed its tasks for the upcoming VIPER project (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) back in October 2019. The project is part of the Artemis mission to send…

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