NASA Will Send Astronauts to Mars from Its Lunar Base, the Artemis Base Camp

This one, that you see in the title, is Jim Bridenstine’s goals for NASA’s future. Longs debated mission Artemis has become “a mission we cannot afford to postpone.” Artemis is…

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Is Mars made of Smaller Mashed-Up Planets? Shocking New Hypothesis

The Red Planet is peculiar enough, especially for the fact that it’s theoretically capable of hosting life forms. A lot of scientists are clinging to hope that one-day humanity will…

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NASA's Mars Helicopter

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Will Be the First to Reach Another Planet

The Mars 2020 project, including NASA’s latest rover, dubbed Perseverance, released excellent news recently. The rover completed significant testing at the space agency’s Kennedy Space Center. Procedures to estimate the…

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Neighboring Planets are Approaching at The Closest Distance in 20 Years – Amazing Sights on The Night Sky

While a lot of astronomers are busy capturing images from thousands, millions, and even billions of light-years away, the truth is that there are plenty of amazing sights in our…

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NASA Will Send Over 10M Names On Mars Via The Perseverance Rover

NASA’s most ambitious project, Mars 2020, is going to happen according to the schedule. The most waited and the most ambitious project humanity has ever seen, the mission of Mars…

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