Hydrogen Gas Clouds from The Milky Way are Erupting at a Staggering Pace

We all have to deal with the not-so-pleasant thought that nothing lasts forever in this Universe, not even those huge, powerful, and imposing stars. But there’s also the reverse of…

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Why is The Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua so Peculiar? A New Study Provides an Answer

The world was amazed when ‘Oumuamua was discovered, becoming the first known cosmic object that belongs to another solar system and visits our own. The shape and movement of the…

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Much More Planets Could Harbor Extraterrestrial Life than Scientists Initially Thought

Without a doubt, complex life is the most amazing thing that could have ever occur in the Universe. Perhaps no biologist, doctor, or scientist, in general, will ever fully understand…

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This Device Uses Sunlight and Water to Produce Hydrogen

Over time scientists tried their best to find efficient methods of producing hydrogen from water. They also wanted to enable hydrogen’s potential as a clean fuel. With a little bit…

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Is Mars made of Smaller Mashed-Up Planets? Shocking New Hypothesis

The Red Planet is peculiar enough, especially for the fact that it’s theoretically capable of hosting life forms. A lot of scientists are clinging to hope that one-day humanity will…

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