Astronomers are Astonished by Milky Way-type Galaxy that Shouldn’t Exist

Pretty much any cosmic object can have its counterpart into an everlasting expanding Universe. We have another proof for that claim, as researchers had been using Chile’s Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter…

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Newfound Quasar is Almost as Old as The Universe Itself

If astronomers will look as far away as possible using their powerful telescopes, this means that they will also look back in time. Therefore, capturing images from over 13 billion…

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the universe

The Spinning Universe Offers a New Perspective for our World

The Earth, the Sun, and even the entire Milky Way galaxy are spinning. Undoubtedly many other cosmic objects are spinning as well. Therefore, by using our common sense, we would…

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hubble space telescope

Unprecedented ‘Ring of Fire’ Spotted from The Early Universe

We as modern humans are so lucky to be able to observe with our powerful telescopes the entire history of the Universe unfolding before our very eyes. As more far…

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Astonomers Found a Weird Galaxy in the Early Universe

Just when the Universe has been created, 10.8 billion years ago, astronomers were able to find an interesting thing from that time: a Galaxy that was wearing the battle scars of a cosmic brawl. We are not talking…

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