SpaceX Vs Boeing – Elon Musk’s Company Has Great Advantages Over Boeing

Private space companies compete for supremacy and NASA contracts. Among them, only two seem close to that goal – SpaceX and Boeing. However, SpaceX will be the first to fly…

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coronavirus strain

New Coronavirus Strain Also Destroys Immune Cells, New Research Revealed

The South China Morning Post newspaper recently made public research that explains how the COVID-19 is affecting the immune system, reports say. There it is revealed that the new strain…

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False Claims On Social Media Link COVID-19 Outbreak To 5G Network

The technology industry has evolved more than it was ever seen. However, the humanity has experienced an abrupt change of beliefs and at the moment, the United Kingdom is experiencing…

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NASA and SpaceX Set The First Launch Of The Crew Dragon In May

NASA and SpaceX are joining forces to bring astronauts in the outer space for the first time in the last decade. The historic astronaut launch from the American soil already…

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iPhone 11 and AirDrop Use Through WiFi Connection

Nowadays, most of the day to day activities are immortalized and hardly a day goes by without a memory. This is even more present in iPhone 11 series users that…

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