McDonald’s will use AI to automatically tweak drive-thru menus

Fast Food giant McDonald’s announced this week that it intends to buy the Apprent business to automate its auto order service.

Founded in 2017, this start-up company is developing a conversational agent dedicated to human-level customer service.

Its artificial intelligence (AI) -based technology was not originally developed specifically for the drive-by service, but the company quickly realized that it would be fantastic for this task, depending on what can be read on his website.

Learner technology uses machine learning, a process that allows artificial intelligence to learn and improve from data to understand commands in different languages ​​and with different accents.

In McDonald’s restaurants, this technology should make ordering quicker, simpler and more faithful to driving , says the restaurant chain in a statement.

McDonald’s indicates that the conversational agent could then be integrated into its self-service kiosks and mobile application.

Building a technology infrastructure is a fundamental part of our growth plan and will allow us to meet the growing expectations of our customers, while simplifying and making the work of our team members more enjoyable , “said McDonald’s President and CEO. , Steve Easterbrook.

The channel says it will test technology soon in some of its restaurants.

McDonald’s has also bought another company specializing in artificial intelligence, Dynamic Yield, in March.

Its technology allows auto service menus to be changed automatically based on time and weather, and can even recognize license plates to provide customers with their usual order.

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