Google Maps Incognito Mode Updated – New Navigation Access

In the past, when people wanted to travel to a new place they had to rely on maps and indication offered by friends, family or friendly strangers. In most cases it tended to work, even if some delays could surface when a wrong turn was made.

The appearance of the first GPS navigation systems was a boon for many drivers who could now reach the desired location without the need to worry. As smartphone started to become more popular, GPS navigation apps added more utility to the devices, granting access to maps which are constantly updated while new features are being added to the default app.

Google made a wealth of announcements during the Google IO 2019 conference which took place in May. The introduction of an incognito mode for Google Maps was one of the most surprising ones, and it seems that the feature has reached the beta stage.

According to a reliable source, members of the Google Maps preview group can interact with the new feature which is available as a closed beta update. Only Android users have access to the latest preview build, 10.26.

Within the test version of the app, users have the option to activate the feature from the settings menu. Once the feature is activated, the app will no longer share your location, update the location history, save search queries or use data to customize and augment your user experience.

The source also offered a short GIF which highlights how the new mode works. After the incognito mode is activated a black stripe will appear in the upper area of the screen, and a text message will remind users that the feature is on. The iconic hat and glasses logo is also present when the search bar is used.

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps in the world, and it is likely that useful features will be released in the following months.

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