Fortnite Version 13.30 Update – Patch Notes, Weapons, And More!

A long time passed since the latest Fortnite update was released, but we finally got one! The new update is extremely useful as it packs lots of new changes and improvements!

Epic Games revealed the newest patch for Chapter 2 Season 3.

You won’t believe the amount of new content scheduled for the second update of the season.

The developers posted the patch notes for Creative on the official websites.

Here are some of the most relevant changes to the game:

Islands – Bug Fixes

The issue that made dropped items remain in Featured Islands after players went back to the Hub and re-joined was fixed.


Some bugs that impacted gameplay were fixed, for example, the issue where players could never respawn or spectate if the game started at the same time when they were respawning.

Also, the storm FX permanently remaining on-screen issue was fixed.


The bug that allowed players to place Player Spawns upside down, thus allowing them to spawn upside down, was fixed.

The issue where the Cannon could destroy structures on islands was addressed.

The issue where the Air Strike wouldn’t properly bombard the targeted location was fixed.


The issue that made moving between adjacent Damage Volume devices provoked no damage was fixed.

Creatures and Sentries can now detect idle players.

The issue that didn’t allow the game to register who had thrown an item was also fixed.

The patch notes list is way more extensive than what we have shown here, so if you want to check it all out, take a look at the official Epic website.

The issue that made the Baller cord return, though it was still attached, when it reached a specific distance was addressed.

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