FIFA 20 EA Access: We have the Concrete Release Date and Time

This year we get the FIFA 20 EA Access on the 19th of September. It is supposed to allow all console users to play the game five days earlier before the Early Access starts to be available through special editions. Users will get a 10-hour trial, and all the progress will be saved. This means that they will get the progress for the full game, as well.

EA Access has always been here for Xbox, but this year is special because PS4 users will also be able to play the game early. If you want to become a member, you have to subscribe for $4.99 for every month or $29.99 for every year.

The EA Access also comes with a 10% discount on all the EA digital purchases. This includes points in the ultimate team game mode. By subscribing, you will also get a collection of popular Xbox One and PS4 titles.

How to install it

For this process, you need to go to the Store or Apps on your console. Then, you need to search for ‘EA Access Hub,’ then download it. Then select the app and open it.

How to join the community

You can do this by using your console, or you can do it online on the official site. You have two membership options, per month, with $4.99, or per year, with $29.99. there’s no need to worry; you can cancel your subscription at any point.

Do we have a set hour for the EA Access?

The trial will be available starting from the 19th of September 2019. The app had some problems because so many players were trying to get access at specific hours – in the early hours of the set day. The team has made it clear that the game will not go live until the morning of the 19th, Pacific Time Zone.

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