Neon Can Shorten The Lifespan Of Stars

The lifecycle of stars is an important topic among many astronomers. Small stars like our Sun will expand and release outer layers as they evolve into white dwarfs, while many…

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NASA's Mars Helicopter

NASA’s Mars Helicopter Will Be the First to Reach Another Planet

The Mars 2020 project, including NASA’s latest rover, dubbed Perseverance, released excellent news recently. The rover completed significant testing at the space agency’s Kennedy Space Center. Procedures to estimate the…

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Nightingales Are Suffering Because of the Climate Change

Climate change is affecting many areas of the environment, with the biosphere being one of the most exposed categories. The temperatures are rising, and this is causing trouble to the…

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A Comet Much Bigger than Jupiter will Illuminate the Night Sky Very Soon

Few things in this world can be comparable in beauty with that moment when you’re goggling at the night sky with an arm around your date. While the night sky…

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Astronomers Have Found the Edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and Calculated its Diameter

Until a century ago, astronomers were so fascinated by our Milky Way galaxy that they thought it is the only galaxy from the Universe. An American astronomer changed that perception…

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