Study: Children Can Have Severe Complications From COVID-19 in Rare Cases

Severe cases of COVID-19 in children are rare. However, that does not mean that the little ones are immune to life-threatening complications. It seems that an emerging inflammatory syndrome is…

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How Long Can Coronavirus Persist In The Air Explored In A New Study

A new study elaborated by researchers from the University of Wuhan has explored the ability of the coronavirus to remain airborne in environments without ventilation. It is already well-known that…

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coronavirus vaccine

Conspiracy Theories Related to the Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Are Already Spreading

Scientists from all over the world are hard at work on the development of a coronavirus vaccine that could keep us safe from COVID-19, but the development will require months…

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Flu Rates Could Be Lower Due to Measures Taken Against Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to remain a major threat, many countries have started to impose new rules and regulations that seek to prevent or hinder COVID-19 from infecting new people….

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ragweed leaf beetle

Ragweed Leaf Beetle Can Be Beneficial Against Hay Fever Allergy

In 2013, Ophraella communa landed in Europe. Ophraella communa is the official name of the ragweed leaf beetle. It is said that it got there by accident from its native…

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