Best Antivirus Protection in 2019 – Find The One That Suits You

We all know how important it is to protect our data. For that, we need an Antivirus – it’s a must-have these days. We have written this article to give you the best ones on the market right now.

McAfee Total Protection 2019

This one is designed totally for families. It has some fantastic defensive qualities, which work best against the most advanced threats. But its analyzes are quite slow, and the interface is still lacking some features. The analysts also have a system impact on your device, and the tariffs are quite expensive.

It comes with app boost, it improves app performance and with web boost – it blocks the unwanted downloads.

Norton Security Premium

This new edition is nothing like the one from last year. The interface comes with some changes, but the suite is still based on a first-rate defensive strategy. The protection is worth every penny, and the interface is straightforward to understand and control. For the premium version, you get up to 10 devices. However, the VNP is limited to 200MB per day, and you don’t have many customization options.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019

Because it was suspected that it collaborated with Russia, this antivirus has been banned in many countries, including the US. But the app is still improving its security software, and it is one of the best on the market. The protection is excellent, the quality is worth our time, and it has an advanced web portal. However, it has high prices, and it does not have iOS protection. The best functions are for those who get the premium version.

It comes with a Password Manager and Software Updater enhancements.

ESET Internet Security 2019

As you probably know, Google has used ESET in order to be in control of the protection of Chrome users. It’s swift, and it comes with a lot of incredible power, and we think it is the best protection that Windows can have. The impact on the system is of almost zero, there are many configuration options, and the remediation tools are innovative. But there aren’t many features, and the interface is quite old. The price is also high.

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