Aston Martin Vantage 2020 Roadster and Its 504 HP AMG V8

Aston Martin Vantage 2020 Roadster was unveiled on Twitter in a couple of photos. It seems like the company didn’t want a big buzz over the upcoming car. Without a media event or a press announcement. We don’t have any information about Aston Martin’s decision to make official their Vantage 2020 Roadster. Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO, said on Twitter that “How do you like the first images of a new Aston Martin Vantage Roadster, in engineering pre-production form, ahead of its launch in the coming months?” The images, however, show the headlines on the doors and hood “Opening Spring 2020” and the inspirational “Beautiful won’t be tamed.” This fact might indicate that the orders will open soon.

Moreover, from the images, Aston Martin Vantage 2020 is quite the catch, representing the new generation of convertibles. The car will have fixed roll-bars right behind the driver and passenger seats. Andy Palmer came with more details about the car’s features in some of his replies from Twitter. He confirmed that the Vantage Roadster will still offer enough space to fit two sets of golf clubs in the trunk. He also added how essential is the aerodynamics on the rear-end. This feature is fully functional for developing downforce. As for the engine, we can only assume that the Vantage got a V8 twin-turbo, which makes 503HP.

Manufacturers seem, however, to preserve those standard Vantage splendid lines while switching from a closed roof to an electrically convertible soft one. This mechanism will supposedly be a little bit heavier, with a considerate touch on the car’s performance.

Vantage coupe versions, as they are known, are embodying the performance with other features under some 3,373 pounds. It can also speed up to 60mph in a quick time of about three and a half seconds. And all these things before reaching the incredible 196mph. Of course, the performance won’t be lost that much considering the recent changes.

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