Mukbang Videos Are Gathering Huge Audience

Of course, everybody likes to eat, and such a process can even keep you alive. But some people don’t do it the healthy way, and for some reason they are even proud of it. Others simply find pleasure in watching people chowing down on tons of barbecue ribs, chicken, burgers and so on. Well, let’s not forget that we live in a free society where people have their rights. Maybe too many rights!

Mukbang is a video trend rooted in South Korea, and it has been later spread among US and Europe. People are competing with each other by filming themselves when eating large amounts of food. And they are gathering massive audience for that!

Ashley Cobb, a math teacher from Washington DC is a real fan of the mukbang videos. Cobb said it’s “fun and soothing” to watch people dip food in them and “eat with so much enjoyment.” The videos transport her to “a different place” and “has a way of making you leave reality for a second, sort of like a good book.”

Becky Beach is a Dallas-based product designer, and she watches mukbang videos to… lose weight! She said: “I watch one whenever I feel like eating sweets or bad foods,”. Perhaps she gets sick when seeing all those precious people sticking tons of food in them and therefore, she loses her food appetite.

“The core principle behind mukbang is that eating is a social activity,” said Victor Chang, marketing manager for the South Korea-based fried chicken restaurant chain Bonchon. It’s “a way of connecting people through meals even when they are miles apart.”

The word mukbang is a combination of the Korean words for “eating” and “broadcast,”. The word can be translated into English as “eatcast.” Livestreams in South Korea started their ascension around a decade ago, but the phenomenon escalated quickly and a lot of Youtubers started making money from it. Well, usually you have to pay for eating. But the mukbang boys and girls are getting paid for it. Seems like an excellent deal, right? Or isn’t it? Let us know what you think!




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