Apex Legends Lifeline Bug: A Bug That Is Actually Helpful to Users

Recently we have heard about a new bug on one of the Apex Legends character, Lifeline, which allows the Healing Drone to increase your health from any distance.

Ajay Che is the real name of Lifeline, and she’s a medic who joined the series in order to get money for a humanitarian relief organization. She’s very good at healing, and she has a crucial role in the squad. She has this D.O.C Heal Drone which comes in handy when it comes to giving H.P. to the people from the team all at once.

Some of the players had seen the bug on the drone when she continued to heal its teammates, even if there was not enough power in the drone to do that.

A user posted a clip on Reddit, in which Lifeline in seen using the drone, with the robotic arm that was connected to the gadget and that was helping her teammates increase their health. As it is reasonable, after the character slides away from the D.O.C., the arm disconnects, and the process is coming to an end. However, the player saw the health of the character still increasing after leaving the room.

The player said, “Look where is, and he’s healing.”. he expressed his confusion on media, and he is waiting for a response.

No one knows how the bug appeared, and the company hasn’t confirmed it yet. However, a user explained that, if the healing rope hits something, it will still stay connected under the floor, even when you get at a certain distance from it.

Imagine that: it can be beneficial in some scenarios. It comes as a great advantage, especially since players can now move away from the drone and still get the health. It would be an exciting battle set between those who are lucky enough to get the bug, and those who don’t have infinite health.

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