GTA 6: Experts are Hinting that the Release Date is Coming Sooner than Expected

After Trevor, Michael, and Franklin got involved in all sorts of dangerous adventures, implying running away from police, robbing banks, killing soldiers, and much more, the story must continue somehow….

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Xbox One Spring Sale Is On, And It Brings Discounts For Over 300 Games

Sales time has also come for the game lovers. Microsoft has already started applying a significant discount on more than 300 console games available on Xbox One Spring Sale. Here…

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Intelligence Isn’t Not Just About Grey Matter, But The Whole Brain

Neuroscientist Laurena Holleran, of the NUI Galway, Ireland, conducted a revolutionary meta-analysis. She a professor at the School of Psychology and Centre for Neuroimaging Cognition and Genomics, and together with…

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marine biodiversity

Marine Biodiversity Is Continuously Affected For 60 Years In The UK

Tremendous change has developed in the United Kingdom’s marine biodiversity. For over more than six decades, microscopic algae and animals that are leading supporters of the worldwide marine food chain…

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lyrid meteor shower

Lyrid Meteor Shower Will Light Up South American Skies This Month

Because of the current lockdown caused by the ongoing pandemic, fewer and fewer drivers are spotted on the streets. That brings even greater news not only for the reduction in…

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